motherhood photographer

My style is minimalistic and my sessions are purposefully relaxed to focus on the love and connection you share. Watching your family grow year after year is a privilege I never take for granted.

collingwood & the GTA
fine art newborn and motherhood photography

always exploring with my boys and hubby
listens to chris stapleton & bsb on repeat
podcasts + walking is exercise to me
Love travelling and exploring the world
obsessed with formula 1
worked as a nanny in switzerland at 19
lives on donuts, nutella, and mcdonalds
usually reading 3 different books at a time

Beyond my obvious love for art, these are the things that light me up on a daily basis. Consider this a cheatsheet to my personality!

Fast Facts

As a mother of two little children myself, the exhaustion is real.

If you're anything like me, you never want to miss a moment with your little loves, but you're busy. You know photography is important, but it feels like one more thing to manage—and you're already managing a lot. (Trust me, I know.) My photography studio is different, where memories and motherhood live harmoniously inside my bright white walls. It's a mama's dream where racks and racks of beautiful dresses and perfect makeup and hair are waiting for you, rather than stressing you out.

Portraits you'll love to take.
Images you'll cherish forever.

experience the difference